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Friday The 13th: The Game

July 8th, 2017 by unkle lancifer · 6 Comments

I almost forgot to tell you fine folks that I got an opportunity to play the mind-blowing FRIDAY THE 13th video game! No, I’m not fancy enough to have a state of the art PS4 but I have a friend who is that fancy and we all know it’s not what you know but who you know that counts these days. I’ve been hearing a lot of stories about glitches and impossibly long waiting/loading periods but the night I played everything ran smooth as silk and the only glitch I ever caught was a rifle oddly floating in space and I kind of thought it looked cool anyway. Personally I found the game to be fun as hell. I know not all of our readers are into games but this is one that I think you should check out for kicks anyway if you get a chance. It’s basically like being thrown into one (or more) of the films and it tends to be as much fun to lose as it is to win. You can actually visit your favorite Crystal Lake hot spots like the staircase that poor Mark rolled down after he got an undeserved machete in the face, Jason’s sloppy shrine shack and even cozy book-filled Higgins Haven. It’s really a nice place to wander about in when someone isn’t trying to kill you.

Can you believe I survived the first two times I played? I believe I accurately behaved very closely to how I would in real life in such a situation. In other words, I hid a lot, ran in circles fretting and then jumped into the back of a car that a smart person or persons was able to fix. When Jason came after the car I watched the occupants jump out and bravely attack him as I looked to see if the car was old enough to have an ashtray in the door. I know that sounds cowardly but let me tell you, as soon as I started getting brave is as soon as I started to have my head crushed in. Oh, the things I’ve seen! Oh, the humanity! You really get a front row seat to shady human behavior when you’re playing online with random people. The cool thing is that after you are dead you can spy on the remaining players (or wait to be re-spawned as Part 6 Tommy Jarvis). I watched a person fix a boat only to have their pal jump into said boat and roar away without them! The betrayal! And once when I had gun I decided to help some folks when Jason jumped in front of their vehicle only to have them back up and run me over! The injustice! Ah, memories that will last a lifetime. Anyway, I had a blast and I can’t wait to play it again and check out any and all updates (a single player version and new maps/locations are promised) and I hope it inspires many more slasher movie tie-in games (my fingers are currently crossed for HELL NIGHT: ESCAPE FROM GARTH MANOR).

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3 years ago

Horror games are definitely my thing! I can’t wait to try this one out sometime! 😀

3 years ago

It does sound cool as hell! Try and record your gameplay and post it on Kindertrauma/Youtube. I’m sure we all want to see your trials and tribulations.

“And once when I had gun I decided to help some folks when Jason jumped in front of their vehicle only to have them back up and run me over! The injustice! Ah, memories that will last a lifetime.”

LMAO. No good deed goes unpunished.

How to Record PS4 Gameplay and Your Voice and Upload it to YouTube! (2017)

3 years ago

Remember, The better part of valor is discretion. So play safe and or dirty. Depending on the situational ethics at the time. lol

The irony of the automobile backing over you, had me in stitches. The ‘sedan of salvation’ became the antithesis of an SOS.

I can envision you playing The Thing. Clutching your PS2 wireless controller while hunkered down in a recliner inside of a colossal wooden crate. Big bags of ice, industrial size fan blowing the tubs of dry ice, AC cranked down to as low it can possibly go, trying to replicate a winter wasteland.

BLAIR I’ve changed my mind… I’d… I’d like to come back inside… I don’t want to stay out here any more… Funny things… I hear funny things out here.

MACREADY Have you come across Fuchs?

BLAIR Fuchs…? No, it’s not Fuchs… You must let me back in… I won’t harm anyone… I promise…

MACREADY We’ll see…

3 years ago

I even have the noose! LMAO