Lady in White (1988)

UNK SEZ: Sorry for the filler-post but I’m working on something unwieldy that is taking up all my limited brain space. It gives me tummy-rumblings to neglect you fine folks though so I thought I’d scrap this together. The other night I came across LADY IN WHITE (1988) playing on the MGM HD channel and it seriously made my eyes pop out of my head. Well, that’s not exactly true but it made me want to pull my eyes out and squash them against the TV in approval. I’m already a fan of the movie but I could not believe how gorgeous it looked with all of its colors behaving all concentrated, bright and insane.

LADY IN WHITE does for Halloween what A CHRISTMAS STORY does for Christmas, so why is it not the equal perennial must-see? It’s so good. It’s spooky, nostalgic, moving, creepy, it reminds you that racists and child murders are scum and visually it’s got some NIGHT OF THE HUNTER, dark fairy tale thing going on. What’s not to love? Jo Polniaczek’s Dad is in it for chrissake. If you haven’t seen it you just have to, that’s all I’m saying. Here are some images from my sorry DVD to back me up further but this movie needs a special edition HD upgrade pronto. Alright, I have to go back and tame the giant mess I’ll dump on these pages in the near future. Hope everyone is starting to feel the Halloween!

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Caffeinated Joe
Caffeinated Joe (@wings1295)
9 years ago

I have never heard of this! Sounds great, so thanks for the heads up on what might be a new favorite!

kristy (@kristy)
9 years ago

Oh wow! I totally forgot about this movie. We had The Movie Network when I was a kid and I remember it airing. I also remember it giving me the creeps. I think it’s about time to revisit this!

blueroc85 (@blueroc85)
9 years ago

I have always loved this movie! I saw it when it first came out (I was 7). I need to get the DVD!

Ben S
Ben S (@eyesofbens)
9 years ago

Oooh this was an early traumatizer for me. They used to show it on HBO a lot, and I was really into it until the flashback of the boy’s mother’s funeral. I’ll never forget the coffin door slamming shut. It was too much for me and I turned it off. I saw it later and I loved it–MORE KATHERINE HELMOND IN FILMS!

Apocalypsejunkie (@apocalypsejunkie)
9 years ago

Don’cha love the open flame Jack-o-lanterns on all the kiddies desks? Kids today aren’t even allowed to wear costumes to school because it freaks the god squad out.

magicalshrimp (@magicalshrimp)
9 years ago

Apocalypsejunkie: That was the case when my nephew was in elementary school and it both pissed me off and made me sad for the kids whose parents wouldn’t let them have fun for one day outta the year.
Back on topic, I first saw this movie on t.v. when I was in my early teens and I’d really like to see it again. I’m sure it holds up!

AnywhereButHollywood (@anywherebuthollywood)
9 years ago

I actually *just* posted an hour-long interview with director Frank LaLoggia. He talks about making Lady as well as Fear No Evil, Mother, and his newest project Miro/Miranda.

You can find it on iTunes if you search for Anywhere But Hollywood (or Frank LaLoggia). You can also just listen to it at the site: