Monster Christmas Mash!

UNK SEZ: THE MONSTER CHRISTMAS MASH is my favorite Christmas album of all time. I wish I could tell you that it was a staple of my youth but the reality is, T.M.C.M. and I did not cross paths until I was in my early twenties when I bought it on vinyl at a dollar store. I used to listen to it every year until it mysteriously disappeared. I can only surmise that, like so many things I once treasured, a horrible person with exceptional taste stole it from me while I was passed out.

Who cares about those lean years without my beloved record though because I just found it once again! Now I usually don’t condone downloading music off the Internet but in this case, I say do. It’s unlikely to ever be put on CD anyway and even if it was, I’m sure that none of the right people would see any mullah. Besides, Christmas is not only about giving, it is also about getting. Imagine if everybody gave and nobody got? There would just be a bunch of presents on the floor and that’s called litter.


If you still end up feeling bad about getting something for free then give a toy to a tot or a hoagie to a hobo. This amazing album, especially the irresistible barnstormer “Who’s That Up on the Roof?,” needs to be heard and shared by all!

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12 years ago

I know there’s been quite a few things with Monsters and Christmas…the storybook “The Monsters’ Night Before Christmas” and this bit that comes after “The Bear That Slept Through Christmas” where a story about Drac kidnapping Santa to win an election is read.

12 years ago

My parents actually had this, and played it often for me around Christmas(I was warped even as a child).  Is that the one that had the simple board game on the album sleeve? My friends and I actually played it…often.