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Name That Trauma:: FunkyPhD. on Slimy Goo in the Center of the Earth

December 4th, 2014 by unkle lancifer · 4 Comments

I remember being terribly frightened by a movie in which people went to the center of the earth, only to be inundated with a slimy, white goo coming down from the walls and the ceilings. It’s not the 1959 Journey to the Center of the Earth, for I saw that a few years back and there was no slimy goo. Can your readers help me?


UNK SEZ: Thanks for writing, FunkyPhD! If it’s not JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH, my second guess would be 1976’s AT THE EARTH’s CORE. Check out the trailer below to see if it rings any bells.

Hmmmm, I just did a quick scan of the DVD and didn’t see much in the way of slimy goo so if any of our readers have another idea, please share it!

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6 years ago

I’m afraid that must be “The Unknown Terror” – 1957… Just saw it again recently and while the trip is not to the center of the earth but merely into a Mexican cave — The inundation by slimy white goo (Mostly sudsy foam but it’s supposed to be some sort of galloping mold ) is the grand finale in some rather decent cave sets.
Kinda reminds me of my inaccurate memory of a terrifying underwater/underground epic with a menacing caveman — which turned out to be “The Incredible Petrified World” with a hairy/horny castaway (NOT a caveman) and with nothing resembling epic about it.

6 years ago

Hmm, when I think of slimy white goo attacking people, I think of that scene from Fantastic Voyage, where Donald Pleasance gets eaten by white blood cells. But that’s probably not it….

6 years ago

Sounds like “Unknown Terror” (1957), otherwise known as “Killer Soap Suds Movie.” Not the center of the earth, but they were deep in a cave.

full film:

Brian Katcher
Brian Katcher
2 years ago

It’s not ‘The Stuff’ is it?