Name That Trauma:: Kyle S. on a Window Witch

Hello! Was looking for some help on this one.  I remember watching either a movie or TV show probably late 70s/early 80s and it had this scene where a witch is hovering outside bedroom windows looking in to see which kids are still awake after a certain hour.  The kids that were sleeping were left alone and the kids that were still awake got turned into mice or some other small creature.  It may have been claymation or animation. Any help would be appreciated. Kyle S

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Matt Sunshine
Matt Sunshine (@matt-sunshine)
2 years ago

Hey Kyle,

I have not seen this film for over 2 decades, so I might be wrong. However, what you’ve described kind of reminds me of The Witches (1990), of course, it’s too late for the years you’ve listed. Then again… you never know.

I hope you find your movie.

cynthialil (@cynthialil)
2 years ago

Could be The Nutcracker Fantasy. Rankin Bass style short film based on The Nutcracker ballet.

Kyle S
Kyle S (@kyle-s)
2 years ago

Cynthia, you nailed it. Thanks so much. This was a strange one indeed that stuck with me