Name That Trauma :: Reader Jeffrey P. on Tots Terrorized by School Supplies

It’s me again, the same one who told you about my fear of FRAGGLE ROCK and the THX logo! Now, I have a trauma that I don’t remember much about. Here’s what I remember:

Two kids were running out of a house and into some kind of van, or something like it, yelling, “We’re going to the water slide! We’re going to the water slide,” in a sing-song kind of way. Then they look in the seats next to them and, from what I remember, they saw a bunch of school supplies next to them. That instant, they yelled, “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!”

That’s all I remember, since it has been a very long time since I saw it. It would be a pleasure if anyone could track this down for me.


Jeffrey P.

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Pax Romano
Pax Romano (@pax-romano)
12 years ago

Maybe it’s one of those Staples back to school ads? 

They have done some funny ones in the past – like the parent filling a basket with school supplies while “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year” plays in the background … and the one with Alice Cooper who says to the little girl, “No, I said, School’s Out, For Summer!”

Anyway, it sure sounds like their M.O.