Name That Trauma :: Reader Tristan R. on an Architect, a Bathing Beauty & a Demonic Car Crash

First Up! Keep up the great work, Kindertrauma is a wonderful and insightful website!

I am trying to track down a movie that has played on my mind for the last 18 years. I was about 12 when I watched this movie on T.V., the same night I saw what I thought was a ghost in the hallway and had an asthma attack. I’ve been trying to piece together that particular night for years!

I am sure the plot involved an architect and maybe flashbacks to a site in Egypt. Two scenes I vaguely remember were the lead actor sitting beside a possible redhead while she was in the bathtub and some kind of demon appearing in a car windscreen or looking down from the roof a car and causing a car crash.

The film has haunted me for years, I have never been able to locate it – even after endless plot searches on IMDb! I thought it could possibly be SCHIZO/PLAYROOM but am not sure.

Can anyone help end my trauma????



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Derek Obrien
Derek Obrien (@kahotep)
10 years ago

The elements you describe, the car crash, demon, architect, flashbacks, *could* all be from The Kiss (1988), which I very vaguely remember from my VHS days. Have a Google of it and see if it rings any bells.

unkle lancifer
unkle lancifer (@unkle-lancifer)
10 years ago

The site in Egypt makes me think of “Manhattan Baby”…

??? maybe ???

Propagatrix (@propagatrix)
10 years ago

And the demon causing a car crash makes me think of 1972’s “Gargoyles” made-for-TV movie.

saltyessentials (@saltyessentials)
10 years ago

I have no idea, but I do have a couple of new movies on my tosee list. (Already seen Gargoyles….)

thunderknight (@thunderknight)
10 years ago

Manhattan Baby was my first guess…

MRTIREED (@mrtireed)
10 years ago

Thanks for the feedback! It’s definately not Manhattan Baby but i’ll check out The Kiss. has anyone seen PlayRoom just out of curiosity??