Traumafession:: Casper on Mercedes McCambridge in Two for the Money (1972)

Dear Kindertrauma,

I am writing this trauma on behalf of my father who shared with me a piece from one of his haunting childhood memories. He could not remember the film’s title rather only the singsongy words spoken by the film’s antagonist. With some tireless Googling of what little information he could provide, we finally identified a scene from the 1972 TV movie “Two for The Money” which featured Mercedes McCambridge as a psychotic knife-wielding killer. She shrills out the memorable line “WITH A HEY NONY, NONY, NONY, MEN WERE DECEIVERS EVER, WITH A HEY NONY, NONY”. This stuck with him over the years and still makes the hair stand straight up on his arms.

After identifying the movie and skipping forward to the nightmarish scene which occurs at the end of the film (available on YouTube HERE @ 1:01:00) we searched through McCambridge’s career only to find out she voiced the Demon in “The Exorcist”. What a creepy old bat!

Anyway, I hope that some of you will remember this one and enjoy it just as we have.




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Tomb (@gorfulator)
7 years ago

Mercedes Mccambridge was awesome in All the Kings Men and as the Mexican gang member in Touch of Evil …Waay ahead of her time! I’d rate her as one of the best American actor/actresses ever.

knobgobbler (@knobgobbler)
7 years ago

I was first aware of Mercedes McCambridge through her radio work… she was frequently on OTR shows like I Love A Mystery and put on a very alluring voice for that.
She seems to have been a pretty versatile actress, and open to all sorts of odd parts… but in movies often played somewhat ‘butch’ women with hardened demenors.

Tomb (@gorfulator)
7 years ago

She had a great face for radio!

Oh yeah I forgot to mention
Johnny Guitar!!