Traumafession:: Sebastian P. on Round The Twist’s Toy Love

Long time listener, first time caller! That’s what the kids say right? Well regardless, I’ve had this one little television show haunt me for as long as I can remember. It’s a little Aussie icon known as Round the Twist. More specifically, the episode Toy Love.

This episode was demented. It’s like some psychologists banded together and wrote an episode scientifically designed to scare as many kids as possible. This girl called Linda is stalked by a doll she attempted to throw away and they made this thing look like something plucked straight from hell’s toy store. The very fact the episode establishes that it can move faster than the eye can see and can cause actual tangible harm to you was enough for me to check for dolls under my bed every night before I slept. There is a light touch of comedy with how the doll wasn’t vengeful about Linda abandoning her and was trying to reunite with her Michael Jackson figure. Though watching it today, that Michael Jackson doll being in the same bed as a young girl might be the scariest thing in it.

Apologies if that was a bit long winded but I apparently had more to say on the matter than I realized. But regardless, I have to thank you for reading this far. Warmest regards from down under! Included is a link to the episode HERE.

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13 days ago

I also had a Round the Twist related minor trauma. But mine wasn’t fear related. It was due to seeing the spaghetti eating contest episode, and eating spaghetti as fast as I could when I was at a restaurant with my parents. I puked, not unlike the character in the episode!

Thanks for reminding me of this old show

13 days ago

I’ve been left traumatized from various videos on the internet titled “Toy Love” but I think we’re talking about two different things here.