Traumafession/Name That Trauma!:: Reader Dave P. on Angus, Gargantuas and Blood sucking Spiders


I came across your website doing a search for Angus from “Lost in Space”. My brother and I were just talking about Angus and how that terrifying scream scared us as kids.

The green monster in “War of the Gargantuas” also creeped me out as a kid. The scene where you see him looking up from under the ocean water has stayed with me all these years. Of course, watching him grab a woman through a window, chomp on her and then spit out her clothes was not easy to forget either! Again, the SOUND the monster makes is unique and unforgettable.

I vaguely remember watching a black and white movie on TV back in the 1970’s where (I think) people were being drained (of blood?) by spiders or some type of creature. Do you have any idea what that movie could be?

Thanks, and pleasant dreams!

UNK SEZ:: Thanks for joining us here at Kindertrauma Dave P and thanks for bringing with you an excellent traumafession! I’m sure one of our readers will recognize your blood sucking spider trauma! In the meantime, let us all fail to enjoy what I consider the most upsetting part of WAR OF THE GARGANTUAS! It’s the nightmarish tune “The words get stuck in my throat”!

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10 years ago

I’m wondering if it might be ‘Beast From Haunted Cave’ which was a big kindertrauma of mine… based only on the trailer.

Buck Theorem
10 years ago

Oh, that “Gargantuas” clip reminds me of one of my childhood terrors: my bed was facing the window (which, I guess, did not have curtains, or I did not close them) because I had this recurring fear that there were giants that paraded outside my house, outside my bedroom window, looking in at me as they passed… but if I opened my eyes to see them, they would duck down beneath the window so that I never did. I don’t necessarily believe they wanted to GET ME, but it was unnerving and disturbed my sleep. (When my bed was moved around the room, different but similar fears came up…)

It’s funny how men-in-monster-suits are both ridiculous and yet perfectly hit those primal childhood fears. That munching on the women, although we see nothing, is unforgettable and nasty. Must be those teeth…