Traumafessions :: Cowboy Killer Director Jason Baustin on Independence Day Alien

O.K., I have to admit I wasn’t always a horror fan. And only recently have I warmed up to it. And usually I lean toward the horror comedies like CABIN FEVER, 2001 MANIACS, and EVIL DEAD. But some movies I remember that creeped me out were LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS, JAWS and WITCHES. And as a kid, I remember being really disturbed by these films.

A movie that actually really scared me when I was younger, sorry it’s not a horror film, was that one scene in INDEPENDENCE DAY when the alien kills the scientists in the lab. Even today it makes me a little uneasy. I mean that scene is brilliantly executed. The disgusting alien, the tentacles, and making the scientist talk was really scary! And I love how they play on what you don’t see. The alien massacres the whole lab, but because of the smoke and everything, you can’t tell what’s happening until it’s all over.

And the best part?!?!

“What is it that you want us to do?”


UNK SEZ: Thanks Jason, for letting us know what scared you! Kids, Jason is the Director of a film called COWBOY KILLER you can learn more about his film at its official website HERE or check out the trailer and synopsis below…

Deranged cowboy drifter Roy Thompson arrives in a small town and immediately begins savagely murdering the locals. The carnage runs at full throttle as the town’s citizens try to figure out how to defend themselves against the folksy killer.

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12 years ago

Those aliens in Independence Day were magnificent! They were puppets and they looked so real. You just can’t get that degree of lifelike creations using CGI.