Traumafessions :: Reader djalicat on The 5,000 Fingers of Dr. T.

I am writing to you about the weirdest musical ever...and the only movie written by Dr. Seuss himself! THE 5,000 FINGERS OF DR. T.! This is a classic Kindertrauma film. Imagine a live action version of Dr. Seuss's drawings but way before RON HOWARD's HOW THE GRINCH STOLE CHRISTMAS and MIKE MYERS' CAT IN THE HAT.

Dr. Seuss wrote the script and the lyrics and designed the sets (of course). This is an amazingly weird, wonderful film that will creep the crap out of you. There's a dungeon for all non-piano players who then perform an extend dance sequence. There are doors in floors and stairs that lead to nowhere and hands coming out of the wall. There are Siamese twin guards, connected by their beard, on roller skates. Oh yeah, the main kid Bart and all the other boys forced to play piano, wear a hat with a hand coming out of the top!

The best part is that the adults in the film learn to, "Always listen to kids, even when they lie."

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14 years ago

I've never even heard of this little gem before, I didn't even know Dr. Seuss dabbled in movies. Judging from that clip… I need to see this movie, that song had me in stitches.