Kindertrauma Funhouse

UNK SEZ: I don’t think we should post a funhouse today with everything that is going on and with our beloved city Philadelphia, the country and the entire world in pain and turmoil.  I was hoping that maybe we could provide a tiny moment of distraction for those who need it but- I’m just not feeling it. I always wanted Kindertrauma to be an escape from the real world but things have gotten so pressing that uncomfortable, unpleasant reality is no longer avoidable. We fully support Black Lives Matter, peaceful protesters and everyone fighting to make change so that racism and all forms of inequality are abolished (I also think defacing and taking down statues of racist folks is a great idea and that our current president is the literal Antichrist but let’s don’t get into that). I hope all of our readers are staying safe and I hope this strenuous time will ultimately make way for a more just, equal and peaceful future for all of us.