Mystery Six!

Everybody’s most favorite show ever, KINDERTRAUMA FUNHOUSE has been put on hiatus! The news is equal parts sad and true! With budgets soaring, ratings plummeting and advertisers scurrying away like rats due to THE FUNHOUSE‘s controversial sexual reassignment surgery, KINDERTRAUMA had no choice but to pull the plug. Will it return? It’s too soon to guess but luckily, as a mid-season replacement, there is MYSERY SIX!

MYSTERY SIX is hip, hot, now, flagrantly cutting edge and offers 100 percent of the same entertainment value while cutting production costs by nearly forty percent! MYSTERY SIX is sure to sweep the Internet by storm with its streamlined approach to Friday morning trivia! Can you identify today’s MYSTERY SIX? Do you know who the heck these people are? Answer correctly and you can tell your friends you are superstar king of the day!