Traum-mercial Break:: Fragile Childhood

UNK SEZ: Chances are you've come across this Finish commercial floating around the internet recently but just in case you hadn't I thought I'd throw an anchor on it here. Even if it didn't feature a hideous clown and a monstrous Santa this spot designed to raise awareness to the plight of children with alcohol abusing parents would still be destined for kindertrauma infamy. Not only creepy and disturbing, it effectively captures with images alone, the private hell a dependent child experiences shackled to an unstable guardian. It's also an uncomfortable reminder of just how thin the line between horror films and the real world can be for some kids. Thanks to Brother Bill & Jennifer Y. for making sure we were aware of it!

Traum-mercial Break:: Tribute to Terminix

UNK SEZ: I hope you're not eating while checking out this post. I've been meaning to salute the wonderful world of TERMINIX commercials for some time now and this is the day. Once upon a time TERMINIX ads were content to present their pesky threats as almost-cute fantastic beasts but somewhere along the line they have graduated to nausea inducing LOVECRAFT-ian, THING-like creatures that could encourage DAVID CRONENBERG to take a bleach bath. The invasions are made all the more dramatic by taking place in seeming sterile environments that closely resemble E.G. MARSHAL's immaculate digs in CREEPSHOW. Thanks for dipping in the horror well to get your point across TERMINIX! I'd say more but I have to go wash my hands.

Traumafessions :: Reader bdwilcox on Magic: The Gathering Commercial

I remember catching a glimpse of this Magic: The Gathering commercial on T.V. and being utterly petrified of that savage rabbit. I can't believe they allowed such imagery on T.V. during regular hours.

I looked over at my parents and they didn't seem phased by it in the least, so I felt totally alone in my terror. I think this came on about the same time that TWILIGHT ZONE: THE MOVIE was on cable.

So, between this commercial and that scene in TZ:TM where the demonic rabbit pops out of the magician's hat, I'm totally scarred in the lepus department.