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Unk-Nomicon :: Vol. 2

November 7th, 2010 · 1 Comment

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Unk-Nomicon :: Vol. 1

October 31st, 2010 · 7 Comments

UNK SEZ:: Happy Halloween Kinder-Kiddies! I wanted to do a special post for y’all on this, the best day of the year but I came up with nada because some times my brain don’t work so swell. Then all of the sudden I remembered that there was something I’ve been meaning to share with you fine folks for years now. A while back, while visiting my parents, I discovered my amazing movie clipping scrapbook in the attic and I brought it back to Kindertrauma Castle! The tome has now been dubbed “The Unk-Nomicon“…

Ya see, back when I was a mere critter I got the idea to cut out all the movie ads for horror movies that I saw in the paper and luckily I decided to do this in the best year ever! I present to you today as a Halloween treat the first eight pages to be followed up with eight pages next Sunday and so on until the book is transformed completely into computer-flavored, cyber information! Please enjoy the young Lancifer’s hard work as I can assure you that nobody did back when it was being assembled.

Have a Happy Halloween you good people of Kinder-land and remember: Do not eat food with razor blades shoved in it because then your throat will be shredded into strips and blood will come gushing out of your mouth and you can’t scream because you are drowning in your own blood today!

(AUNT JOHN SEZ: To see the images at their full resolutions, click the thumbs and then control/right click on the image & select View Image. Just do it!)

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