Name That Trauma!:: Nathan W. On An Animated Bat Attack!

UNK SEZ: Nathan W. was kind enough to solve a Name That Trauma and now he has one of his own!

I remembered seeing it on the ABC Afterschool Special (I think…). All I remember is a boy is running down a boat dock being chased by an animated weird bat. The boy trips and tries to fight it off. I’m sorry if it is too vague but that is all I remember…

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Rebekah Herzberg
10 years ago

I’m confused. If it was an after school special then is it a children’s program?

Antaeus Feldspar
Antaeus Feldspar
10 years ago

Yes, the “after school specials” were aimed at children.

I don’t know if perhaps the list of ABC Afterschool Specials at IMDB linked from the above article might be of help in identifying Nathan W.’s trauma – started looking, but there’s twenty-five seasons…

5 years ago

I’m terrified of bats. I wouldn’t want to see this. No-sir-ee.