Name That Trauma :: Reader Janet H. on Disco Halloween Paintings

I have a memory of a movie that, I have to admit, I’m not even sure if it is a scary movie or not, because I didn’t see the actual movie. But it was striking and has stuck with me. I figured some of your readers who have seen so many horror movies can help me out on this one, if it exists. It was either the beginning or end of the movie, when they show “starring” etc., but I do believe it was the beginning.

Probably an ’80s or ’90s movie. They showed a close up/ pan of a painting/art work that was rather “folksy” in nature, I remember a lot of haystacks and perhaps Halloween themed houses/children. And then there was the music, I think it was “I’m Your Boogie Man” by Kc and the Sunshine Band. Or maybe some other song by them. Then the movie started and I had to go. The art work creeped me, especially with the disco song with it, I thought what is coming next? I have looked up the obvious Boogie Man movies on YouTube that I could find, but no luck with that. Can anyone end this mystery for me? Was it all a dream brought on by copious amounts of candy, bringing back memories of Fall, Halloween, and my brother’s hatred of Disco… Disco Sucks!

Janet H.

UNK SEZ: Janet, I’m happy to tell you that the fates have sent you to the correct place! I know that movie well, it’s a pet fave that I’ve seen several times. That is the opening credit sequence to THE LAST SUPPER, a black comedy from 1995 about a group of liberals who decide murder might not be so bad provided you select the right victim. I too was very struck by those paintings, I think they’re beautiful and unlike your brother, I even like the disco music! Check out the beginning of the YouTube clip below and thanks for the spot on description!

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Jami JoAnne Russell
Jami JoAnne Russell (@fb882225421)
9 years ago

Correction – Disco RULES!

Stickmann (@stickmann)
9 years ago

Just wanted to jump in to say Fuck Yeah to “The Last Supper.” I can’t rightfully say it’s even more relevant today, as it’s a politically and ethically timeless story. In particular, anyone who’s ever pursued late-night bull-session morality conundrums with their friends will take well to this movie.

interplanet Janet
interplanet Janet (@inteplanet-janet)
9 years ago

Yes, thank you kindertrauma, I have my answer! Wow , so cool to see that art work again, it is much cooler and more VIOLENT than I remember. I’ve already watched the opening a half dozen times. Can’t wait to actually see the movie that goes with it. Tons of reconizable actors in it too surprisingly. Looked up the artist too, David Ivie, I’ll have to check him out.

I like disco along with almost every other type of music and Boogie Man is one of my favorite songs.

Janet H.