Name That Trauma :: Reader Jennifer U. on a Cabin Anthology Featuring a Green Light

I saw this anthology horror movie around 1980. I think it was about a group of college-age friends who are in a cabin/house during a storm telling scary stories. I don’t think the movie was very good but one of the stories has stuck with me called “The Green Light.” It’s a story I’ve seen in other movies about medical students playing a prank on another student who claims nothing can scare him. The prank involve a cadaver arm or some other body part and the guy who couldn’t be scared ends up getting so scared that he goes crazy or dies. In this movie, the story ends with the guy standing on a chair batting at a green light bulb hanging from the ceiling. Do you know the name of this movie?

UNK SEZ: I know this one like the back of my hand Jennifer! It’s been the subject of at least one NAME THAT TRAUMA before (HERE) and it seems it’s that same “green light” segment which tends to stand out! You’re looking for one of my favorite traumatizers, SCREAMS OF A WINTER NIGHT!

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