Name That Trauma :: Reader Jim M. on a Team of Time Looping Scientists

Given my fascination with LOST (and just about any time travel/time loop story), I have spent too much time Googling and hunting for a film that help contribute to the oddity that I am today. All I remember is that a team of scientists were in some sort of space/jungle station and they kept reliving the same scenes over and over again until someone managed to break the time loop. I remember a computer that had one large center light (or possibly an eyeball.) Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

UNK SEZ: Jim M., time traveling scientists in the jungle? I’m no help, all my pea brain can come up with is PREHISTORIC GLAMAZON HUNTRESS: A.D.!

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LaDracul (@ladracul)
12 years ago

I sadly have no idea what the movie would be, but I’m giving props for “Prehistoric Glamazon Huntress A.D.”…I miss “MAD TV” so much, and wish that they didn’t go with the new format, which was the nail in the coffin. 🙁 (Well, at least Nicole Parker is in “Wicked” now…)

Moving on…

Joey Deadcat
Joey Deadcat (@joey-deadcat)
12 years ago

And nothing traumatic about that! 😉

Grokenstein (@grokenstein)
12 years ago

It couldn’t possibly be “A Sound Of Thunder,” could it? That’s a very recent (2005), very reviled, and pretty much very forgotten film directed by Peter Hyams (“Timecop”) about a futuristic commercial venture to send paying customers back in time to “hunt” dinosaurs. The proverbial butterfly gets stepped on, causing nonsensical “ripples” in time as repeated attempts to undo the damage only make things worse.

Asat (@asat)
12 years ago

You can research a double-crapload of time loop stories on this page.  One of them is probably the culprit.

motokops22 (@motokops22)
12 years ago

I was also thinking “Sound of  Thunder” based on a  Harry Heinallin(sp) short story.

Antaeus Feldspar
Antaeus Feldspar (@antaeus-feldspar)
12 years ago

The second I saw “a Team of Time Looping Scientists” I wondered if the movie in question was either the TV movie The Time Travelers or its theatrical remake Journey to the Center of Time. The only reason I see why the movie Jim M. describes wouldn’t be one of those two is because (UNAVOIDABLE SPOILER) he says they eventually break the time loop and both movies end with the scientists being trapped in an apparently unending time loop.

Oh, and the story “A Sound of Thunder” was written by Ray Bradbury, not Robert Heinlein.