Traumafession:: Reader Miss Julie on …And Then it Happened

Your site had me laughing so hard I cried. I was just posting on a FB page (people who grew up in Rockland County NY in the 70’s and 80’s) and I posted a new topic–what class film terrorized you? I then described “And Then It Happened“, how I was shown this in 3rd grade and it *still* gives me the willies 35 years later! My brother then posted a link to our blog and I practically wet my pants. Thank you oh thank you for keeping the terror alive! (you know, in that ‘I want to watch but I know I’m gonna have bad dreams from it’ way)

Traumafession:: Reader Dominick on the Giant Jumanji Plant


I like your page, I found it by searching for Bunyip, I was really scared by it.

One thing that most scared and affected me was the movie “Jumanji“, which is actually a good movie and I liked it, but there is that scene where this gigantic plant grows and attacks people. I am still scared by it, so everytime I see that movie I start having nightmares about big human eating plants. That said, I still have problems looking at flesh eating plants or at unusually big plants, also afraid to touch them. When I am in the bathtub, I sometimes have got day nightmares, that out of the sink there might come a big plant and eat me…

That is still scaring me.

Faithfully yours,


Traumafessions :: Reader Ben on NES’ Friday the 13th Game

Is it normal to base a huge part of your life around a box art cover? Probably not but I have an excuse: it was Friday the 13th on the NES. I couldn’t play the game because I didn’t have a Nintendo but every time I was in the video store, I would stare at the pixelated map on the back and dream about being able to explore the campgrounds in the films I’d watch every time they aired on the USA network. Friday the 13th was the scariest movie in the world (even when broken up by Rhonda Shear segments and the flood of 900 phone sex ads). So the game would have to be the scariest game in the world right? RIGHT? Well, I got the answer when I finally played it years later. But something stuck with me: there was an idea there somewhere. So I started working on the slasher game I had always dreamed of playing.

Name That Trauma:: Matty from Boston needs a Christmas Miracle!

Dear groovy emperors over at Kindertrauma —

Relp me Raggy!

As a daily reader of this fun, funny, thoughtful, and tremendous site (I even was lucky enough to get my “It’s a Horror to Know You” published — a banner day in my household), I’m hoping some of the swell readers can assist me in figuring out 3 long-buried and forgotten childhood images. Sadly for me, these days I have the memory of a goldfish, so I would consider it the best gift from Santa if someone could help me out.

(01) A young adult/teen thriller novel from the glory days of Christopher Pike and R.L. Stine. The cover depicts what could possibly be an old hag or a witch in supreme evil lurking mode, whilst the heroine clutches her boyfriend as she hides behind him. I remember the guy on the cover has a ripped white T-shirt. It’s an illustrated color cover. It could’ve been part of a series of novels.

(02) A movie that played on HBO over and over in the 80’s. All I remember is a young girl who has to hide underneath the fireplace from the bad guy(s). There may have been bandits or ghosts involved, and I believe the movie may have had “mansion” or “maniac” or “murder” in the title. It played during the day, so it was probably PG.

(03) A movie that also played on HBO in the 80’s where people are shipwrecked and stranded on an island. At one point, they all sit around a campfire and one girl says when she gets off the island she’s going to “burn this sweater”.

With this wealth of information I’ve shared (I know, there’s barely anything to go on), I’m hoping for a Christmas miracle!

And here’s my shameless self-promotion throwback to my “IAHTKY“!

Sincere thank you’s and wishing everyone a Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year filled with glitter, unicorns, and double rainbows,

Matty from Boston!