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Entries from July 2017

Name That Arrow Video Movie!

July 7th, 2017 · 16 Comments

I was visiting a lovely land called Ardmore yesterday and I came across the greatest thing. It was a fantastic movie rental joint called VIVA VIDEO! They had one of the coolest, heartiest horror sections I’ve ever seen. These righteous dudes even proudly carried SCREAM FOR HELP on VHS! Cooler still, their New Release wall was sparkling with offerings from the great folks of ARROW VIDEO. I wanted to work there for free and I don’t know how I was ever dragged out of the place! So today all of our mystery movie stills are from movies distributed by ARROW VIDEO who you can visit HERE. Also I highly recommend a visit to VIVA VIDEO if you are in their neck of the woods (they also have a top notch sell –through section)!

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Traumafession:: Trouble on a Scary Santa Train

July 3rd, 2017 · 1 Comment

Pretty standard fare, I suppose:
I was three. There was a special attraction Santa Claus Train ride. Mom was all excited and I was, too. Then we got on the train. First came the clowns. Loud ones. With balloons. Cue me burying my head in mom’s lap and shrieking. Nonstop. Santa Claus came along and I screamed louder. He wouldn’t leave me alone.. One wrecked event for mama, and a lifetime fear of….wait for it….’tainsrides’ (?!) for me.


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