Traumafession:: Trouble on a Scary Santa Train

Pretty standard fare, I suppose:
I was three. There was a special attraction Santa Claus Train ride. Mom was all excited and I was, too. Then we got on the train. First came the clowns. Loud ones. With balloons. Cue me burying my head in mom’s lap and shrieking. Nonstop. Santa Claus came along and I screamed louder. He wouldn’t leave me alone.. One wrecked event for mama, and a lifetime fear of….wait for it….’tainsrides’ (?!) for me.


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4 years ago

I’m not poking fun at you, not at all. A YT clip of Joe the karate clown from Seinfeld. “Are you still afraid of clowns?”

Personally I was petrified of red and purple jelly in sealed jars. Only afraid when the jar was first popped open. How was I supposed to know that The Blob 1958 wasn’t comatose in a jar, just waiting for me to awaken it with a little bit of fresh air!!! /shudders

Jelly on the move.
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