30 Days Of Night’s Abbey-May Wakefield


30 days of night Vampire girl Abbey-May Wakefield
 30 DAYS OF NIGHT may not have set the world on fire in its theatrical run, but it’s sure to find its proper brethren now that it’s available for home viewing. Moody, grim and host to some old-school level gore, it’s a worthy addition to any horror collection and a must see for vampire enthusiasts. The vampiric creatures that inhabit the film are an interesting lot and none more so than the scene swiping ABBEY-MAY WAKEFIELD. While JOSH HARTNET and crew are pillaging the local grocery for supplies, they encounter the little eight-year-old mid artery-splicing dinner. Her response to the rude interruption is to go all Tasmanian Devil on their asses. There’s only one way to settle down the tantrum prone undead and it involves an ax. Her “You wanna play with me now?” line is almost a direct lift from Kinder-fave Cage’s cranky phone threat in PET SEMATARY, but we’re so smitten we’ve decided to chalk it up as being a knowing homage. Apologies are in order, if we were better informed or at least more prone to seeing films that were made after 1989, we would have certainly included you, Ms. WAKEFILED, on our KIDS OF HORROR:: BEST OF 2007 list. As it stands, this after the fact shout-out will have to suffice. Please don’t bite us!  

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14 years ago

That looks like Bindy Irwin with rabies!