hot for teacher!

Who will win in this no holds barred battle for supremacy? GENERAL has been victorious over run ins with both CHRISTINE and CUJO! MOMMA RAT, hailing from Germany, is a mythical creature ten times his size! Forget TOM AND JERRY, scrap ITCHY AND SCRATCHY… this is the ultimate battle between feline and rodent (not to mention anthology movie vs. anthology movie) and your vote will decide the outcome! Tell us who you prefer and why in our comments section, and you will be eligible through a random numerical drawing to win not only an official hand made one of a kind KINDERTRAUMA T-shirt (size will be determined by availability) but also an official KINDERTRAUMA button! Vote now and vote hard, vote as often as you like! You may be the deciding factor in the war between GOOD and sorta EVIL but really just trying to get her baby back!