Christmas With the Krampus

American Christian children are quick to laugh off empty threats concerning coal in their stockings as punishment for bad behavior. Austrian kiddies, on the other hand, better mind their P’s and Q’s. According to their ancient lore Santa, like a mob boss not wanting to get his hands dirty, enlists the aid of a menacing looking creature named Krampus. Horned, spike-tounged and covered in black fur, the big k takes his job seriously, and takes great joy in beating the living daylights out of children. Particularly nasty tots are shoved into his sack or basket and taken away forever. Of course, Krampy is nothing if not pure Kindertrauma poster boy material so to celebrate his centuries of accomplishments in the art of traumatization, we direct you to the always entertaining MONSTER BRAINS to get the real skinny on this under appreciated x-mas icon.

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