Hello, I wish to tell you about 2009’s childhood horror: CORALINE. This movie is messed up! It looks cute, it’s in stopmotion for crying out loud! BUT…it’s one scary movie! It had scenes in it where two ladies are twisted together and where a man becomes a melty monster! And guess what? It’s in 3-D too! In one scene, it is shown that Ms. Forcible and Ms. Spink STUFF thier Scottie dogs when they die. and that’s not even the part where the other mother turns into a spider witch. Finally…the hand. it gets cut off and still follows Coraline around! PLEASE PUT THIS ON YOUR SITE!


UNK SEZ: Thanks Squirt00 for giving us the heads up on the sure to be future traumatizer CORALINE! We’ve heard from several sources (including our pal Rat Saw God) that this flick is primo Kindertrauma material. I did get a chance to see it recently (in 3-D no less!) and although I’m a little late on commenting about it, I agree with you entirely. I’m sure CORALINE will give kids plenty of stuff to worry about before they go to bed for many years to come!

CORALINE was, of course, directed by HENRY SELICK who was also responsible for the creeped out classics THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS and JAMES AND THE GIANT PEACH. It’s based on a book by NEIL GAIMAN that tells the tale of a young girl who finds a secret passageway to an alternative universe. At first things seem pretty perfect in the mirror world until she discovers the price of perfection involves sewing buttons on to her peepers! It’s all very spooky and weird in the best way possible and, as per usual with SENNICK’s work with stop motion animation, the artistry on display is without question. CORALINE’s evil alternative “Other Mom” (voiced by TERI HATCHER) is a truly kindertraumatizing sight to behold once she shows her true colors.

My personal favorite aspect of CORALINE though is the fact that super cool JOHN CARPENTER alum KEITH DAVID (Childs from THE THING, Frank from THEY LIVE) lends his voice to an all knowing slinky black cat. If that fact doesn’t get folks renting this baby as soon as it hits DVD than I don’t know what will!

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Jeff Allard
13 years ago

I agree that this is a great movie, easily one of the best of the year so far. I hadn’t realized that Keith David was the voice for the cat, though – how could I miss that?

13 years ago

Not only do Focible and Spink stuff their dead Scotties, they also make angel costumes for them. And they’re played by Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders! 🙂

Compared to “Stardust”, this was better. It at least had the audience engaged instead of one character blowing the big secret so early in the movie. (As much as I liked “Stardust”, I’m annoyed they did that. Because in the book, you know that people are protecting Tristian, but it all comes clear at the end. Not the beginning. >:( )

13 years ago

Managed to see this film a grand total of 5 times – gotta support stop-mo!
I loved the creepy factor in this film and definitely felt it good nightmare material for the youth of today. THEY NEED MORE!

13 years ago

I saw it four times in 3D. Pure genius, it was. Easily knocks Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory off the throne as the most f-up kids flick EVER. The traumas the film has to offer (and I really mean this) are literally countless. It’s also impossibly beautiful, nuanced and deeply textured. What an achievement! And, as far as I can recollect, it’s also a first: a bona-fide horror film for kids. It ain’t rated PG for nothing!

I have no doubt Coraline will only become bigger as time goes on, taking on the same cult status that Nightmare Before Christmas enjoys. Maybe it will even get a 3D re-release in theaters come this Halloween? Who knows?