A young Dennis Quiad stars in this genre hodge-podge as down on his luck psychic saxophonist Alex Gardner. His once mentor Paul Novotny (MAX VON SYDOW) along with love interest KATE CAPSHAW convince him to work on an experiment that will allow him to enter other people’s dreams and cure them of unwanted nightmares. High on the “to do” list is a young boy (TINA YOTHER’s brother COREY) whose dreams were terrifying enough to kill the last psychic who ventured into his noggin, followed by the president of the United States whose dreams of nuclear Armageddon are feared to be prophetic. The flies in this ointment are the reliably sinister CHRISTOPHER PLUMMER and a creepy competive fellow psychic named Tommy Ray (played with zeal by DAVID PATRICK KELLY who is famously responsible for that sing-song chant from THE WARRIORS). In a film whose major concern is nuclear annihilation, it’s amusing to note that the biggest scares come from a somewhat silly imaginary being known as the Snakeman. Through a dream realm that is equal parts Dr. Suess and Dr. Caligari, Quiad does battle with the sometimes stop-motion animated creature and is visibly unnerved by the experience. This fact is not lost on enemy Tommy Ray who uses this fear to his advantage in the future. DREAMSCAPE certainly has enough plates in the air so it’s all the more impressive when they all land together beautifully in the crashing finale, a buffet of radio active mutants, glowing eyed dogs, neon numchucks and the return of Snakeman!


  • Opening dream with the President’s wife trying in vain to outrun a mushroom cloud
  • The Woody Allen-like, circus music infueled infidelity dream
  • “That’s my dad, he won’t help.”
  • The twisty non-stop staircase
  • George Wendt as a novelist
  • The post apocalyptic train ride

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14 years ago

Do you think Vincent Gallo and David Patrick Kelly look alot alike or is it just me?

14 years ago

I know the George wendt character was supposed to be Stephen King but the book title looked like something Garth Marenghi wrote.