Father’s Day Streaming: Burning Bright (2010)

Aw shucks, it looks like I still have not finished the not that special spotlight streaming movie post I intended to write. I swear I’m not lazy, I’m just super slow and well, if I’m being perfectly honest, I may be spending an inordinate amount of time playing video games on a pathetically out of date console lately. I can’t help it! That vixen Mrs. Pac Man floods the not very particular reward regions of my brain with super yummy dopamine! It’s all good because I found a great movie to recommend on HULU and it looks like I wrote a review for it HERE back when I used to put some sort of value on being slightly productive.

The movie is called BURNING BRIGHT and it’s surprisingly good and it stars the lovely BRIANA EVIGAN who is GREG EVIGAN’s daughter! So it’s kind of a good Father’s Day pick too in a way because GREG EVIGAN of B.J. AND THE BEAR DEEP STAR SIX and MY TWO DADS fame is obviously one of the coolest dads ever! Happy Father’s Day!

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