Food Of The Gods

Ozone depletion and the melting of polar ice-caps seem like a small environmental price to pay when considering H.G. WELLS’ notion of mother nature’s ultimate revenge. If the idea of a giant chicken pecking you to death isn’t enough to get you to separate your glass from your plastics nothing will. Hayseed farmers Ma and Pa Skinner (JOHN McLIAM and actress/director pioneer IDA LUPINA) stumble across some Texas tea that bubbles from their property. Resembling pancake batter, the gruel has the unique ability to transform animals and insects to abnormal size. The INCONVENIENT TRUTH though, is that once super-sized the denizens of this farm develop an ornery attitude that leaves several unfortunates very dead. MARJOE “Are you washed in the blood of the lamb?” GORTNER and PAMELA FRANKLIN (lil’ Flora from THE INNOCENTS!) must battle these abominations, not to mention many an unconvincing miniature and split screen effect in order to stay alive. Besides the faulty fowl previously mentioned, wasps, worms and a plethora of rats must also be reckoned with. This PG-rated late night favorite delivers more laughs than chills, so call some friends and watch this baby with plenty of beer. Just remember to recycle the cans.


  • Giant rooster attack is one for the ages
  • The nearly transparent pre-CGI wasps
  • Ida’s arm being chomped by giant worms is one effect that still effectively turns the stomach
  • Extensive scenes that can only be described as actual rat snuff
  • The ominous carton of milk at film’s end
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fancy that
fancy that
14 years ago

I almost submitted this one as a Traumafession… those damn giant rodents. I watched it when I was nine or so, and all night I thought perhaps the sounds I was hearing were giant rodents on the roof. Next day, my hamster was making a racket, and I looked over to see him trying to yank a little plastic tiger into his cage that I’d left too close. My sister and I looked at each other and yelled, “Food of the Gods!!!”