Goosebumps Funhouse

Hey, today is the day that GOOSEBUMPS comes out! I can’t go to the movies because the ceiling collapsed and movies are for people with roofs but don’t let me stop you! Meanwhile, there are TEN differences in these two posters so use your eyes to find them!

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6 years ago

1: The Ape’s tongue is missing.
2: The Dummy’s eyes are blue instead of brown.
3: The girl’s shirt has an extra stripe.
4: Man in the middle has a smaller pinky finger.
5: The Jack-O-Lantern’s stalk is reversed.
6:Man in the middle has one less button on his shirt.
7:The werewolf’s tongue is longer.
8: The boy on the right has parted hair.
9:The Boy on the right has a longer jacket.
10: The Jack-O-Lantern’s nose is longer.

6 years ago

Thanks! The nose was the hardest one!