In Memoriam:: Leslie Nielsen


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Amanda By Night
Amanda By Night (@amanda-by-night)
10 years ago


goblin (@goblin)
10 years ago

The good always die young. (Yes, I am aware that Leslie Nielsen was 84 years old, but that’s still too young, damnit!)

I wish I owned ‘Airplane’ or ‘The Naked Gun’ on DVD because I could need some cheering up right now. You will be missed, Mr. Nielsen. Thank you for the good times.

FatherOfTears (@fatheroftears)
10 years ago

One of my first memories of Leslie was his role in “Day of the Animals”. It was one of those 70’s “Nature’s Revenge” films. Here ozone depletion causes animals living above 5000 ft sea level to go crazy. Leslie’s character is with a group of campers that arrive there just before the place is quarantined. How convenient! Soon the ozone problem begins to drive Leslie batsh*t crazy as well! At one point he tries to fight a grizzly! Yep, he was more than just a funny man. Oh, he was the ship’s captain seen in “The Poseidon Adventure”.