Killer Klowns From Outer Space

It may appear obvious to many adults that this is a campy, over the top, tongue-in-cheek salute to any and all of the popular invasion flicks of the 1950s, but to many of a younger age who caught this PG-13 joke fest on cable T.V., it’s no laughing matter, in fact it’s the stuff bad dreams are made of. Children have always had a “special” relationship with clowns, a relationship that can be broken up into two distinct roles, terrorizer and terrorizee. Killer Klowns does little to alter that dichotomy. The titular klowns are masterpieces of the grotesque with barely a recognizable human element left to be found within them. They come in all sizes, shape-shifting when required, and seem to have mastered the ability to bend reality to their will. Shadow puppets come to life, balloon dogs attack and custard pies are lethal weapons. This surreal chaos is much like the trippy psychedelic horrors spotlighted in the NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET series and children are particularly susceptible to it. Here is a place where adult rules do not apply and, in actuality, adherence to them will get you killed. I suspect there are even some older folks out there who may laugh along with the films outrageousness but secretly get a chill in particular scenes. I have to admit the after dark klown victory parade through the center of town where they gather up all the cotton candy cocoons left me strangely unnerved… So laugh at these klowns if and when you can because I promise you if you look closely enough, you’ll see a not so funny evil glint in their eyes.


  • The eight-foot klown’s silent confrontation with Officer Mooney (an exceptional JOHN VERNON) in the police station
  • Lil’ Shorty knocking that biker’s block off!
  • The popcorn bathroom attack complete with jack in the box toilet!
  • Debbie being trapped in the balloon with apparently a limited air supply
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