Kinder-Link :: X-Mas in July at Christmas TV Companion

Check it out!

Kinderpal Joanna Wilson is living in a ’90s kind of X-Mas world over at Christmas TV Companion where Unkle Lancifer stopped by earlier this week to chat about the BUFFY THE VAMPIRE episode “Amends.”

Today, you dear old Aunt John turns an eggnog eye towards the yuletide episode of ’90s urban sit-com staple LIVING SINGLE where QUEEN LATIFAH‘s character (Flavor Magazine editor Khadijah James) methodically stalks and kills her housemates because they make fun of her Christmas vest.

OK, not really, but you should still check, check, check it out!

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11 years ago

Hilarious post on a great show. I’ve been singing part of the theme song all day: “Keep your head up–what? keep your head up–that’s right!” Thanks so much for participating in my Christmas in July fun 🙂