Kinder-Spotlight:: A Story of Dracula, the Wolfman and Frankenstein

UNK SEZ:: Best to watch in full screen! Thanks go to our Pal Mickster for sending these our way. As you might recall she had a “Name That Trauma!” concerning this record way back HERE!

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Brother Bill
11 years ago

This is one of those items I never had as a kid but was aware of because a friend on my little league team had it … if only it would have fit under my shirt! But that would be wrong. 🙁

Finally nailed my own copy a few months ago. Not sure who this “Intellivision Dude” is posting the video, but I was an Intellivision nerd too… getting into heated playground arguments with my Atari and Coleco owning friends… (the Odyssey 2 kids knew to stay out of it)

11 years ago

Is it just me, or does Drac in this one resemble Jimmy Fallon’s Rod ‘Hot Sex’ Rory character?

Anyway, I never heard of this one, but my sisters and I had the Bible Story LP of this series. And seeing all the others that were out there make me a little sad we didn’t have any more that were interesting…

11 years ago

It is so cool to experience this again. My friends and I use to really enjoy scaring each other with this.
Intellivision Dude, you rule!