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Kinder-Spotlight :: Little Girl Giant

September 6th, 2008 by unkle lancifer · 4 Comments

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Amanda By Night
12 years ago

Of all the things I’ve seen and/or read on here, I think this one has evoked the most emotion. It’s freaky, sad, beautiful and just plain weird. Her eyes…

What exactly is it? I mean, did someone just build a giant puppet and take it through NY or something?

The song was absolutely beautiful and just made me kind of sad. How weird.

Thanks for posting. 

12 years ago

That is amazing.  You can’t deny the artistry and overall effectiveness, but as a crass American though, I can’t help wondering who pays for all that.  Something like that couldn’t happen here without private funding.  Just goes to show what “evils” come from social democracies like those in Europe I guess…  They get public art like this and we get the WWF.  *steps off of soapbox*

12 years ago

I’m moved and astonished right now. I’d seen photos on Flickr about this public installation/performance troupe, but I’d never seen the video.  The girl also, amusingly, squats and urinates during her walk (which was edited out in this particular video.)

The utter, utter, life-likeness of her is astonishing. She sees so real, even surrounded by her massive control wires and puppeteers. One of the most amazing pieces of art I’ve ever seen.

The Elephant (seen briefly on this clip) is equally stunning.There are a lot of other videos on YouTube about this performance and traveling installation. Check them out.

12 years ago

Beautiful.  Goddamned beautiful.  I second every excited thing the above commenters have said.

Now I just pray that someone will make a movie with her in it.