Kindertrauma Funhouse

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VicarOfVHS (@vicarofvhs)
11 years ago

1. Basket Case
2. Christine
5. Gosh, I know that one…but drawing a blank
7. Scanners
8. Screamers
That’s all I got. ūüėõ

sumo1964 (@sumo1964)
11 years ago

Ahh, the reason I get up on Fridays…
2 dead zone
7 scanners
8 screamers
9 sleepaway camp
10 creepshow 2

Father Merrin
Father Merrin (@father-merrin)
11 years ago

4 Motel Hell

Walter Paisley
Walter Paisley (@walter-paisley)
11 years ago

3: Killer Klowns?
4: Motel Hell
5: Prison?

Chris (@chris)
11 years ago

#1 Basket Case
#2 Dead Zone
#4 Motel Hell
#6 Phantasm 2?
#7 Scanners
#8 Screamers
#9 Sleepaway Camp
#10 Creepshow 2

jeffreygmm (@jeffreygmm)
11 years ago

why does no one ever talk about “Prison”? ¬†it’s a riot!

Caffeinated Joe
Caffeinated Joe (@wings1295)
11 years ago

Gah! I love these, but I suck at guessing.

Taylor (@joshacid37)
11 years ago

Argh, another “I forgot about the Kindertrauma Funhouse until it was too late and the ones I knew were already guessed” Friday morning.

Although, for some reason I thought that Screamers was Scalps.

gillman (@gillman)
11 years ago

3. Parasite?

blobseger (@blobseger)
11 years ago

#3 is Parasite (in 3D!) thanks for the hint, Unk.

Chris (@chris)
11 years ago

A lucky guess is all, Unk. I could only think of 2 movies with a gasmasked guy this morning, and figured it wasn’t My Bloody Valentine.

Taylor (@joshacid37)
11 years ago

My top 3 this week:

1. The Dead Zone
2. Sleepaway Camp
3. Parasite

In that order.¬† The Dead Zone and Sleepaway Camp are classics of their kinds (sci-fi-thriller and so-bad-it’s-hilarious slasher); Parasite is just plain dumb, but it’s hard not to love 3D movies from the 80s where stuff keeps getting thrown at you.

Amanda By Night
Amanda By Night (@amanda-by-night)
11 years ago

What’s in the basket? Basket Case is one of my all time favorite films. I finally got to meet Frank Henenlotter last month. I got my picture taken with him and told him I wanted to marry him. He was very nice about turning me down!

I also love Motel Hell. I think Farmer Vincent is hot. There, I said it! ūüôā

And I guess Sleepaway Camp because it’s one of the sleaziest movies ever and a lot of fun!

lottie_of_millhaven (@lottie_of_millhaven)
11 years ago

I knew a lot of them this week, too bad I slept in…Oh well.¬†
As far as the top three are concerned.
1. Phantasm II (I am a huge Phantasm fan)
2. Scanners
3. Sleepaway Camp (and not just because Angela was one of my first crushes)
I actually haven’t seen Motel Hell, should I?

PhanWolf (@phantomwerewolf)
11 years ago

I forgot it was friday! I was going through the whole day thinking it was thursday… I fail!

HorrorCat (@horrorcat)
11 years ago

1. Motel Hell
2.  Sleepaway Camp
3.  Creepshow 2
Sleepaway Camp has to be one of my favorite movies ever. ¬†I remember seeing the ending for the first time and just a) wondering how she kept a wang that nice hidden and b) wondering if she peed standing up or not. ¬†Unknown repercussions of watching this movie at a young age: ¬†I tend to date t-girls at an alarming rate. ¬†ūüėÄ