Kindertrauma Funhouse!

UNK SEZ: Can you spot the TEN differences in these two pictures? This should be an easy one! Sorry if this was a slow week here at KIndertrauma but it’s only because I’m working on a big giant secret project! Just kidding, I’ve just always wanted to say that! Have a blast of a weekend kids and see ya real soon!

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They're coming to get you Barbara
They're coming to get you Barbara
9 years ago

1 Fred’s thumb missing
2 three orange books
3 Fred’s mouth is going the opposite direction
4 ditto for Shaggy’s hair
5 Scooby is missing his chin hairs
6 also his tongue
7 Daphne’s dress is missing its purple stripe
8 she’s also missing one of her scarf ends
9 a line on the wall behind Daphne is missing
10 the word “horror” is missing its devil tail
11 bonus round– little known fact: the Scooby Gang actually broke up after a disagreement over the accuracy of Anson’s book.

9 years ago

oh man! i can’t believe i missed the scooby doo one!!!