Kindertrauma Rewind:: For The Love of:: The Boogens!

Hey! I’m looking out my window and it looks very much like BOOGENS weather to me! Let’s jump into the rewind machine and travel back a couple years to when yours truly and our old pal Amanda (of MADE FOR TV MAYHEM fame) celebrated the rarely celebrated enough, early eighties, cabin-set, winter monster party, THE BOOGENS (1981)! Sure, this is obviously a low effort stopgap between Funhouse posts, but that shouldn’t stop you from clicking right HERE and seeing even more pictures of the adorable BOOGENS doggy costar Tiger! He cute!

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2 years ago

Anne-Marie Martin also appeared in Prom Night, one of my favorite slasher movies. I don’t think I’ve seen her in any other films, aside from a brief bit in Halloween II.

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1 year ago

I’m pretty sure that the TV ad for The Boogens permanently damaged my brain. Sure, it did not show much of any Boogens, but it clearly showed that this cute dog was going to become a Boogen-snack. Why?!!! Someone – call the cops! Dog in Danger! Maybe if it had been a big ol’ mean dog, I wouldn’t have minded so much, but the dog was this cute white puffball.

Honestly it has been so long since I’ve seen this that I had to look at the linked post to figure out if the dog even bit it – it did 🙁