Lady in White


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 Are you itching to get into the Halloween spirit but don’t have the time or the energy to murder a transient in your basement? Simply watch LADY IN WHITE, it will take you there and right quick! Inevitable Traumatot LUKAS HAAS stars as a weird but lovable horror nerd circa 1962. Due to a fiendish prank performed upon him by two admittedly hilarious bullies, he has to spend the night in the school’s coat closet. There he not only witnesses a ghostly apparition, but also finds himself somewhat of a witness to the little ghost girl’s murder. He too is attacked by the faceless perpetrator, and after some really cool psychedelic KEN RUSSEL type dreams, he wakes to find the killer is still at large and that he’s bound to be his next target. The town folks, having bared witness to 10 tragic child murders over the years, decide the black janitor is the perfect scapegoat. Part ghost story, part murder mystery, part nostalgic time capsule, this movie plays like SOMETHING WICKED THIS WAY KILLS A MOCKINGBIRD. It’s also further proof that director FRANK LaLOGGIA (FEAR NO EVIL) is an unusually talented director with far too few films on his resume. The film is so well realized and so visually captivating it’s a wonder he never became a household name. Masquerading as a Spielberg type kid-friendly adventure, viewers will likely be taken aback by what sharp little teeth this spook show has. With Gothic seaside cliffs, dilapidated haunted houses, and fog-drenched forests worthy of a HAMMER film, LADY IN WHITE just bleeds atmosphere. Throw in a trio of criminally underrated character actors, KATHERINE HELMOND, ALEX ROCO and LEN CARIOU and you have a film that miraculously juggles dozens of storylines and themes, but is always focused on earning it’s genuine scares.


    • The coat closet
    • Lady in White’s first appearance at the window
    • Lady in white coming down the stairs in back of Haas
    • The killer revealed in the station wagon
    • “Have you ever seen a dream walking? Well I did…”


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    Wednesday's Child
    11 years ago

    I can’t believe there’s not a congratulatory comment for “Something Wicked This Way Kills A Mockingbird.” So now there is.

    Drew Bludd
    Drew Bludd
    9 years ago

    This film disturbed me deeply.

    The scene where the killer is revealed as well as the fate of the scapegoat will stay with me forever.

    Top 10 kindertrauma moments for me, right here.

    8 years ago

    This was one of those films that freaked me out as a kid, but going back and rewatching as an adult I found I really liked it. It was a sweet, spooky story, beautifully told with a great deal of nostalgia for the boomer generation. But I never understood why Lukas Haas was so popular as a child actor. SUCH a goofy looking kid!

    3 months ago

    i actually like this i know some of the effects are a little dated but i still really enjoyed the film like this type of ghost story. never saw it as a kid and positive i would have been traumatized lol