Motel Hell


farmer vincent friters critters chainsaw pig
Vincent Smith (RORY CALHOUN) is what some might call a true renaissance man. Along with kid sister Ida (NANCY PARSONS, most memorable for playing the testicle-obsessed gym teacher in the PORKY’S franchise), Vincent is the co-proprietor of the quaint roadside bed and breakfast Motel Hello. He’s also a renowned meat smoker. Nope, you didn’t read that wrong, and don’t get the wrong idea about Vincent. Despite his senior status, he has no trouble attracting the ladies, especially the saucy young Terry, a permanent guest at the motel following a motorcycle mishap staged by Vincent. Regarding her brother’s meat making, Ida will be the first to tell you, “It takes all kinds of critters to make Farmer Vincent’s fritters!” And by critters, she means the bikers, swingers, “working women“, and vans of punk rockers that fall prey to Vincent’s ingenious traps. Once captured, Vince and Ida work in tandem to bury the folks up to their necks in an isolated garden. They then remove the vocal cords, and tube feed the victims until they are ready for harvesting. Equal parts horror and dark comedy, MOTEL HELL is worth checking into if you can stomach cannibalism and a seemingly endless barrage of meat-themed double entendres. 


    • ’70s game show staple Elaine Joyce clad in full bondage regalia swinging a whip
    • Tubing with Ida in her old-timey bathing suit & cap
    • The garden uprising of the critters
    • Chainsaw fight!
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    Drew Bludd
    Drew Bludd
    9 years ago

    I watched this when I was maybe 5 years old (I’m the product of irresponsible parents) and didn’t watch if again til age 30. It was funnier than I remember it.

    Hey, to a 5 year old – this movie is traumatic.