Name That Trauma:: Amanda M. on a Sterile, White Prison Cafeteria

One of my early traumas comes from a snippet of a movie I don’t know the name of. My cousin was watching this movie one day and I walked in and caught a scene that’s stayed with me ever since (I was in my single digits I think). There was a man surrounded by a lot of tubes or pipes or something. He screamed, then the movie cut to a scene in a sterile white prison cafeteria. All of a sudden a bunch of blood and guts comes falling through the ceiling. That’s when I noped out of the room, so I never caught what the movie was. Can you help me? I’d really appreciate it.

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gonzo72 (@gonzo72)
3 years ago

Not exactly as described, but perhaps Alien 3?

Tubes, pipes, sterile prison cafeteria, blood from ceiling…check.

Amanda Mullins
Amanda Mullins (@mandymullins2)
3 years ago

I found it! I found it!

The movie is Prison (1987). The man in question was trying to escape from the prison when all of a sudden he sees this blinding white light and tubes start winding all around him and one sticks through his forehead. He screams.
Then they cut to the prison cafeteria (which wasn’t white and sterile after all) and prisoners are talking amongst each other while unbeknownst to them, blood begins dripping from a light fixture in the ceiling. Suddenly the ceiling bursts open and the guy’s body crashes down, followed by his blood and guts and the tubes that were holding him come with it!

I smiled hugely watching that, because I found it!

ChiefferSutherbong (@chieffersutherbong)
3 years ago

For anyone that’s int’rested: