Name That Trauma!:: Atomx11 on a Babysitter and a Breathing Door

Ok, this one has been bugging me for years…

As a young child in the 70’s, I seem to remember a scary movie (or was it a television show?) I saw that really freaked me out. With a lot of childhood memories, I may be completely wrong in some details, but I believe it was a story of a babysitter in a haunted house. The ultimate creep out was when the door (to the basement?) was ‘breathing’ and moving in and out, like it was made of rubber… swelling and contracting with the breathing noises. I just knew there was something behind that door, that if I saw it, I would never sleep again!!

I’ve asked all my friends and co-workers about it and they seem to think it was The Haunting (1963)… I’ve watched it recently and that sure doesn’t seem like it. I am almost sure my trauma was in color, plus the ‘babysitter’ angle seems pretty strong in my mind.

Perhaps it was a show about ghosts or hauntings, i.e. “In Search Of“, etc… but I don’t know. I’ve been scouring “In Search Of” lately too, but to no avail.

Can you help??

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phantasma (@phantasma)
9 years ago

Since you mention a breathing door, it makes me think you are talking about “This House Possessed” (1981). There is a scene in this film in which the walls literally look like they are breathing. There is no babysitter but there is a female in the film who is pretty much the main character. The full film is now on youtube if you want to check it out.

Amanda By Night
Amanda By Night (@amanda-by-night)
9 years ago

Oh my god, that sounds SO familiar. I’m racking my brain right now!

chopmeup (@chopmeup)
9 years ago

Maybe it’s “The Amazing World of Psychic Phenomena” (1976).
Scene starts about 3 minutes in:

Atomx11 (@atomx11)
9 years ago

Yes, that’s it!! “The Amazing World of Psychic Phenomena”!!
The creepy groans and heartbeat coming from the basement… whew!
I must have seen this when it first ran, as I was about 7 years old, and it freaked me out for sure!
Plus, Raymond Burr, bonus Gojira connection! Awesome. Thanks a TON, chopmeup! I appreciate it!

Amanda By Night
Amanda By Night (@amanda-by-night)
9 years ago

Umm, I’m pretty sure the babysitter in this segment is Linda Gray!

Thanks for posting the YouTube link!!!

Apocalypsejunkie (@apocalypsejunkie)
9 years ago

I wonder if the EVP in the first segment was given a nod to on the American Horror intro? “I’m scared, I’m scared”…