Name That Trauma :: Reader Barry B. on an Unknown Halloween Special

I remember a Halloween cartoon where this creepy old guy sends a group of children around the world to learn the history of Halloween, and in the mean time, one of them dies or was already dead… something… but each of the kids agrees to die a year early to bring their friend back. I remember evaluating all of my friends, and still base their worth on how many years of life I would give up to save them.

Any clue on this one?

UNK: Barry, add this to the long list of “Name That Trauma“s that I have absolutely no clue about. Let’s just put this one up the flag pole and see if any of our readers salute! If anyone out there remembers this Halloween special, help poor Barry out and leave a comment or send us an email!

UPDATE: Name That Trauma SOLVED! Barry confirmed that commenter ElderMarsh is correct with THE HALLOWEEN TREE (featuring the voice-over talents of Mr. LEONARD NIMOY).

Here’s PART 1:

Watch: PART 2 | PART 3.

Thanks again to ElderMarsh!

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Knarf Black
13 years ago

Holy crap I remember this show too. No idea what it was called, but they had to eat “Day of the Dead” sugar skulls in order to make the deal to give up some of their lives to save the friend. I believe the animation was reminiscent of Captain Planet.

13 years ago

Barry, the cartoon you described is an animated version of the Bradbury classic, The Halloween Tree. The book is a favorite of mine.

13 years ago

WOW. It’s one of my favorite novels, and I had NO idea that it was ever made into an animated (with narration by Ray Bradbury himself, no less!) Thank you SO much for sharring, and for pointing me to YouTube where I watched the whole thing in all seven parts. You guys are AWESOME.

On an interesting side note, did anyone else out there notice the theme music was VERY similar to that of John William’s Harry Potter score? considering that ‘The Halloween Tree’ special came out in 1993, and the first Harry Potter film came out in 2001- well, I find that VERY interesting.