Name That Trauma:: Bdwilcox on a Co-worker’s Underground Insect Aliens

This Traumafession comes from a co-worker. He has been seeking out a movie, a single clip of which has been burned into his psyche for decades now, but all his Google-fu has come up short. He said it’s a post WW2 ‘Earth invaded by aliens’ B-movie in black and white that was released around the same time as the original ‘The Blob’. In the movie, the first time the hapless Earthlings glimpse the alien invaders it’s on a black and white closed-circuit TV in the subway and the aliens resemble grasshoppers or cockroaches. That’s it, that’s all he remembers. Please help him solve this mysteria othopterae.



UNK SEZ: I think I got it! I had no idea and then it hit me like a ton of bricks! I think your co-worker must be talking about QUATERMASS AND THE PIT which is rife with both subways and grasshopper aliens! If he saw it in black and white then it must have been the 1958 TV version rather than the 1967 theatrical color version from HAMMER (AKA FIVE MILLION YEARS TO EARTH). Let us know if your co-worker recognizes the video below!

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gillig (@gillig)
7 years ago

That would definitely be it, Unk. One of my all-time favorite films.

bdwilcox (@bdwilcox)
7 years ago

Woohoo! Thanks, Unk. Kindertrauma is da’ bomb! My coworker Al confirmed that, yes indeed, that is the source of his orthopteran nightmare.

It also led to a great discussion at work where others shared their traumafessions. I encouraged them to share them on Kindertrauma so a wider audience could share in the terror.