Name That Trauma:: Evan N. on a Sinister Snow Globe

There was a Hewlett Packard printer commercial that I saw at Christmastime when I was three or four if I recall, where an old man tries to cheer a baby up by shoving dolls and pictures in his face. I don’t remember it fully, but I really, really hated it.

Another strange thing happened to me around Christmastime when I was three of four. I remember walking downstairs in the middle of the night and seeing an advertisement on the TV, which my dad was watching. In the ad, It showed a snow globe full of figures of happy children standing next to a snowman holding an umbrella. As I recall, the kids then flipped over into the snow, letting out a loud “Oof!”, and the snowman’s umbrella popped open. It then panned to show a creepy old man staring into the snow globe and smiling.

Perhaps I may never see these ads again, but they still reside in my brain. If anyone has pictures or videos, please put them up.

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10 years ago

Interesting traumas. It would probably help, however, if you told us what year you were 3-4.