Name That Trauma:: G. Trout on Black Eyed Fire Safety Children

I remember a PSA from the 70s which involved a woman presenting two children with a tray of matches, a silver platter as a matter of fact. The narration said something like ‘don’t leave matches where kids can find them , it’s like handing them to them on a platter’

The utterly creepy thing I remember is for some reason, I don’t know if it was the film stock or the poor photography but the two kids seemed to have black eyes liked the fabled black eye children. I also remember the source noise being particularly loud

I was sitting on the floor at a friends house with his parents in the basement on a weekend. Probably watching Hee Haw or something. When the ad concluded the room was stricken with dead silence. 

I’ve scoured YouTube and the like for this and was wondering if you or your evil minions have ever heard about this?

G. Trout

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