Name That Trauma:: Gary B. on a Crying Soldier

Hi! You’ve helped me with several of these fuzzy memories, and I’ve got another one for you.

One night in my early teens (so early 80s), I was flipping channels and I saw a movie with a big, ol’ fashioned military gun battle. Lots of soldiers shooting at each other. There was a quick 5-10 second shot in the battle scene that I can never forget.

A soldier had been shot in the head, and he slumping down against a wall dying. The wall behind him was splashed with his blood. But what made this so haunting was that the soldier was crying in his last few moments of life.

This poor man was very aware that he had been shot in the head, had only moments left to live, and was weeping and mourning his own imminent death. It was sad and unsettling. I’ve never forgotten it.

One possibly helpful clue: I am about 95% certain that this was a movie about the battle of the Alamo. I could be wrong, but I don’t think I am.

Can you guys help me find closure with this?


Gary B.

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