Name That Trauma:: Gil on Two Horrifying Little Men


I just stumbled across your site while researching “One Step Beyond‘s” “Reunion” episode and after reading your manifesto, it occurred to me that perhaps you could answer a question that’s bugged me for years. I remember as a small boy of seven of eight years old in 1972, I was living with my mother in my grandparents creepy old house on Ursulines Avenue in New Orleans. I saw an old black and white film which featured two really horrifying little men. They were either dolls or undead midgets. They would do their master’s bidding by stabbing their victims with long spike/needle-like daggers. I remember the little men would shrink back in horror from a crucifix, or anything that reminded them of the fact that they could never receive salvation. The master very nonchalantly informed onlookers of the little men’s fear.

I’ve never been able to find anything remotely about this film.

Can you help,


New Orleans, La.

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4 years ago

? The Curse of the Doll People (1960) ?