Name That Trauma:: Greg T. on Mellow Jazz and Black-Eyed Children

OK, I have two super obscure ones and I am hoping someone somewhere can find clips. I have a couple more in the chamber but I don't want to bury you with these all at once. 

1) I have a vague recollection of an animation on an early 70s Sesame Street that was a cut-out animation of the sun and moon coming up and going down on a black background and the music was a mellow jazz thing with a flute solo at the end. Not unlike Brooks Poston and Paul Watkins creepy tunes in the Manson documentary from 1973.

2) I have a recollection of a late 70s/early 80s Fire Prevention PSA with ultra grainy film of a woman placing a tray of wooden matches before two seemingly black-eyed children.

Any one else remember these creepy things?

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rjohn xerxes
rjohn xerxes
3 years ago

1.) Was it the SUN AND MOON song from Free to Be…Me and You. They were more kids drawings, but its my guess.